We use top choice U.S.D.A. beef

Kung Pao Beef Spicy $15.50
Hot and Spicy Szechuan Beef Spicy
Beef Shredded artfully seasoned and toss-fried with celery and carrots.
Beef with Scallions
Tender shredded of sirloin sauteed and simmered w. scallions, onion in a rich brown sauce.
Beef with Snow Peas $15.50
Beef and Broccoli $15.50
Shredded Beef with Garlic Sauce Spicy
Shredded beef with water chestnuts, celery and tiger lily in a hot spicy garlic sauce.
Hunan Beef Spicy
Tender slices of beef on a bed of vegetable in our chef's spicy, hot tingly sauce.
Pepper Steak $15.50
Beef w. Asparagus $16.95
Beef w. Mixed Vegetables
Sliced beef with fresh mixed vegetables in a brown sauce.
Triple Delight
Chicken, beef, shrimp and Chinese vegetable in a brown sauce.